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In the mid ‘60’s and early ‘70’s the venerable VW "Bug" was very popular and created a service opportunity across the nation for a somewhat wacky group that actually liked to repair, modify, and just be around these little air cooled giants. As millions of "Beetles" were sold and spread across the nation, there were many areas that did not have service representation from the franchised dealers. Durango, CO was one of those areas. Precision Imports, Inc. was established in Durango, on July 7th, 1973 primarily to serve these VW enthusiasts.

After a few years, the VW Rabbit was developed and it became apparent that the air-cooled engine days were numbered. In 1977, the decision to work on other import vehicles and expand the business was made. (My family also doubled when we were surprised with having twins that year).

Shortly after startup, it became apparent that we would need to get our dealers’ sales license. Soon, we were not only the largest import service center; we were selling totally reconditioned cars and custom building “kit cars” on VW platforms.

In 1982 we brought the first premium European nameplate to the Durango area. The SAAB franchise enabled us to offer a vehicle very well suited to the mountainous terrain and climate similar to the area in Sweden where they are built. These tough little cars were an instant hit in our community.

In 1987, Precision Imports, Inc. purchased Jerry Loman’s #1 Honda in Farmington, NM. This allowed us to sell and service Honda and SAAB cars all over the Four Corners area.

During the '90's the Internet began to grow and we saw the potential of a new type of car dealership. By 1996 we had sold both the Honda franchise and the balance of its service and sales operations so that we could pursue the “Internet Dealer” idea. The rapid development of the Internet is what makes this business viable. With the information available online we can now bring the product and consumer together in a very efficient way.

For well over 30 years Precision has been in the business of professionally serving our clients and community. Now, it’s actually possible for our clients to order the exact vehicle they want. The vehicle includes client-specified mileage, equipment, color and price. Give us a call or email and let one of our research specialists help you with your next vehicle purchase.

Dorman E. McShan

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